General Information for Wisdom Tooth Extractions

The dentist can be a scary place, especially when you hear the words ‘extraction’ or ‘removal’. When a tooth needs to be removed, trust that your dentist has done what they can to save the tooth and that it is beyond repair. Some of the common reasons you may need an extraction include:

·    Crowding in the mouth

·    Tooth infections

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·    A high risk of infection

Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth can be a problem when they start to cause pain in the mouth and jaw, pushing your other teeth out of place and causing crowding as well. Because there is not enough space for these teeth, they often become impacted and can cause infections to develop.

When wisdom teeth are impacted, the direction of the tooth is critical. Teeth pointing in a direction that is different from your natural teeth can cause pain that persists until they are removed.

How Dentists Remove Wisdom Teeth

Your dentist will make you comfortable during your wisdom tooth extraction, so you won’t feel much during the procedure. Patients may also be sedated more heavily, giving you even more comfort during the procedure and allowing dentists to complete extractions with ease and precision.

However, before the procedure, a dental x ray in st petersburg will be performed. These x rays, called panoramic x rays, are designed to show impacted wisdom teeth so that dentists know exactly where to go and can plan the procedure accordingly.

Once the tooth has been identified, the dentist will remove the tooth and give you instructions on how to care for teeth and manage pain and discomfort after the procedure.

If you need additional information about wisdom teeth, speak with your local dentist and schedule an appointment to have your teeth examined by a professional.